Team Mindshift Job Postings

System Architect

The project is to work within a team to develop a wine recommendation system that mimics a master sommelier's recommendation process. We are working with a team of master sommeliers to develop that model and an AI-based recommendation engine.

Position Description

This person will:

  • Lead the specification of the computing requirements for the project
  • Design, implement and test the cloud-based computing environment
  • Prepare the infrastructure for launch and operation of the system


The candidate needs to have experience with

  • Architecting Big Data AI projects supporting real-time interaction with users
  • Graphical database representation (e.g. Neo4j)
  • Big Data cloud computing environment
  • Architecting a real-time production environment for recommendations is a plus

Seeking Candidates

  • Able to work with a group to develop state of the art techniques
  • Able to deal with ambiguity: help refine vague definitions and balance conflicting goals
  • Ability to work independently as well as working with others